(San Diego, CA) The investment loss recovery and securities litigation law firm of
Richard A. Nervig, P.C. is conducting an investigation and offering free initial
consultations to investors who purchased securities issued by EV Energy Partners, LP
On April 2, 2018, EVEP and its affiliates filed a Chapter 11 petition in bankruptcy
in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware. According to EVEP’s own
attorneys, EVEP is “hopelessly insolvent” and equity holders of EVEP securities are not
entitled to anything. See, Case 18-10814- CSS, Doc. 93 Filed 04/12/18.
If you purchased EVEP securities based upon the advice and recommendation of
a securities broker or investment adviser you may have the right to recover your losses
from the firm, broker or adviser who sold you the investment.
Securities brokerage firms and investment advisers have a duty to recommend
only suitable investments to their customers and to further conduct reasonable due
diligence investigations regarding the issuer of any securities they recommended to
If you purchased EVEP securities from a securities broker or investment adviser
and you believe that your investment may not have been appropriate for you or if you
believe you were not informed of all the facts necessary for you to make informed
investment decision please call my office at (800) 837-0441 for a free consultation.

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