The investor rights law firm of Richard A. Nervig, P.C. is investigating potential securities sales practice abuse claims on behalf of investors who purchased securities issued from the following companies through Source Capital Group, Inc.:

Blue Ridge Group, Inc.

2011-C Two Well Drilling Program, LP

2010/2011 Year End Drilling Program, LP

2011 Year End Drilling Program, LP

Galveston Bay Drilling Program, LP

2012 Belmont Drilling Program, LP

On October 10, 2016, the State of California Department of Business Oversight issued a Desist and Refrain Order against Source Capital Group, Inc. and the above entities alleging among other things, violations of sections 25110 and 25401 of the California Corporations Code, and that:

Respondents made, or caused to be made, misrepresentations of material fact or omitted to state material facts necessary in order to make the statements made, in light of the circumstances under which they were made, not misleading.


Securities issued by oil and gas drilling program are typically high risk investments suitable only for the most risk tolerant individuals willing to accept a total loss on their investment.  Retirees and other risk averse individuals are typically not suitable for such investments.    If you purchased an oil and gas limited partnership investment based upon the advice and recommendation of a broker and/or brokerage firm like Source Capital Group, Inc. and you believe such was not suitable for your investment needs and/or that you were not provided all information necessary for you to make an informed investment decision, my firm would like to speak to you about your investments.

To learn more about your legal rights and remedies, please contact Richard A. Nervig ( at 760-451-2300.  If you email, please include your phone number.