ATTENTION INVESTORS: Goldman Sachs MLP Energy Renaissance Fund “GER” (U.S.: NYSE)

Goldman Sachs MLP Energy Renaissance Fund “GER” (U.S.: NYSE) The GER fund has lost (74.2%) between September 26, 2014 and March 9, 2016. Newly formed in 2014 with no prior operating history, GER sought to concentrate its investments in the energy sector, including the oil and gas industry. With oil and gas prices now at record lows however, investors in GER and other oil and gas ventures may now be incurring substantial investment losses. If you invested in GER based upon the advice of a broker or investment adviser and you believe such may have been inappropriate for your investment needs or sold to you in a misleading way you may have the right to recover your investment losses. The law firm of Richard A. Nervig, P.C. represents individual investors who have suffered financial losses as a result of investment fraud or misconduct, Ponzi schemes, unsuitable investment recommendations, or abusive securities sales practices. If you have investment losses in GER or any other investment in excess of $100,000 please call my office at (800) 837-0441 for a free consultation.