ATTENTION: Atlas Resource Limited Partnership Investors

The investor rights law firm of Richard A. Nervig, P.C. has launched an investigation regarding securities sales practice abuses potentially suffered by investors of Atlas Resource securities. On July 27, 2016, Atlas Resource Partners, L.P. and certain of its subsidiaries (“Atlas”) filed voluntary petitions for relief under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York. Pursuant to a Restructuring Support Agreement dated July 25, 2016 and proposed pre-packaged plan of reorganization, holders of Atlas’ limited partnership units will receive no recovery and on the bankruptcy Plan Effective Date all preferred limited partnership units and common limited partnership units will be cancelled without the receipt of any consideration. Limited partnership interests like those issued by Atlas are typically high risk ventures suitable only for the most sophisticated investors. If you purchased Atlas securities based upon the recommendation of a broker and/or brokerage firm and you believe such was not suitable for your investment needs and/or that you were not provided all information necessary for you to make an informed investment decision, my firm would like to speak to you about your investment. The following is a list of limited partnerships issued by Atlas and/or affiliates over the last six years: Atlas Resource Partners, L.P. Atlas Resources Series 31-2011 L.P. Atlas Resources Public #19-2010 (A) L.P.    Atlas Resources Series 32-2012 L.P. Atlas Resources Public #19-2010 (B) L.P.    Atlas Resources Series 33-2013 L.P. Atlas Resources Public #19-2011 (C) L.P.    Atlas Resources Series 34-2014 L.P. Atlas Resources Series 30-2011 L.P.    If you are an Atlas Resources limited partnership investor and are interested in learning more about your legal rights and remedies, please contact Richard A. Nervig ( at 760-451-2300. If you email, please include your phone number.